Come join us in celebration of dance, passed down through many cultures as a community sharing of the sacredness in everyday life.


Circle Dance Camp New England is a light-hearted 5-day immersion into the many aspects of Sacred Circle Dancing. Each year we invite a well-known, well-loved teacher to lead our dance program. From August 7-12, 2011, we'll be celebrating our 22nd year with Brigitte Evering and Geoffrey Honey, who are delighted to be joining us this summer to share their love of the dance with our community. (For more information about Brigitte and Geoffrey please see the Dance Program page.) Sacred Circle Dance invites all people, all ages, all levels of ability, to join in the circle. The dances range from meditative to joyful and come from ancient folk traditions as well as modern choreographies. They are easy to learn, taught with patience, and require no partner. Circle Dancing is sacred because it honors the equality of all and creates deep connections within our individual and collective spirits.

Our theme this summer is "Embracing Joy".

We invite you to click on our other links to learn more about Sacred Circle Dance and about 2011's New England Dance Camp. If you still have more questions or if you have a Circle Dance Web Page you would like us to list as a link, please let us know.

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